Up and Running Suites

Up 20and 20running

Are you looking for office space for your new business? This is Your next step. We've got all your business needs covered: Our newly renovated office suites come equipped and fully furnished, with a shared conference room, access to a copy and fax machine, free parking for you and your clients, and a full kitchen and break room. Don't hesitate to contact us  with your questions or to inquire into any of our suites and the amenities we provide. Up and Running Suites was created because we know what it is like to be in your shoes. We know what you need and what it takes to start and to run a successful business and we have what you need to make your business successful. We even offer complimentary internet service to all of our suitemates! 

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Our team at Rosenstein Orapello is dedicated to excellence in the representation of our clients throughout Albany and its surrounding counties. If you are in need of legal representation, please fill out our online contact form so that we may begin to assist you; and remember, OUR CLIENTS MATTER!